Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bere Hospital- day 1

First day… slept too long… there was more of a breeze than I remember

Walked from bandelay to hospital, about 2 miles with Cherish, 6 year old missionary kid, she wanted to wear scrubs like me so we walked to the hospital and talked the whole way.

At hospital it was so good and weird to be back, I wish I spoke French, I can say only a couple things… I feel so dumb, but then a lot of the patients don’t speak French either, so it is hard to communicate unless there is a translater, usually for Arabic, Gumbi, or Nangeri (the language mostly spoken in Bere)

I helped a women with a horrible nasty wound.  I also scrubbed in on a hernia repair, I love being in the OR!  Dr. Roland let me close which was such a great feeling to learn and be doing something helpful!

Athens, my new roommate and I rode ‘home’ on the motorbike.  It’s really sandy so it was kind of scary, plus she isn’t use to driving with someone on the back.  But we made it!  We dropped off an container to the peanut butter lady, so in a couple days we will have a container filled with yummy fresh roasted peanuts that has been ground into peanut butter!  A lady showed up at the door with a cart of food and we bought potatoes, (white, but taste kind of like a yam), apples, eggs, onion, and green peppers!!!  These are foods I NEVER saw in Bere last time I was here (except the onions), but these onions were large, I only ever saw small ones before.  I think there have been a lot of missionaries since last time I was here and the locals got wise to import foods they know the visitors will buy. I think they are getting them from Cameroon.

Athens and I cleaned everything in the dusty house, then cooked up a nice dinner… felt good to be able to cook even thought it was already so hot it made the house hotter.

Tomorrow I’m heading in to the hospital with her at 7am for a day at the hospital.

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