Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Glimpse into how things are done.... or not done in Tchad

I came to the city (N'djamena) Feb 26 thinking I would leave March 4th

Here is a summary of a collegue who was responsible for ensuring I would get a new visa so I could extend my stay to work with an NGO in Tchad.

Me: Did you get my visa/passport today? 
Him: No, they closed early
Me: Oh, ok, thanks… (in my head thinking) it’s only 2pm
Him: This is how it is here, but don’t worry, your visa is ready
Me: (in my head)… since you are from here and seem to know that, why didn’t you go ealier?
(Outloud) smile and laugh and say, Maybe tomorrow?
Him: Yes, I will go tomorrow:

Me: Did you get my passport?
Him: I went but the guy who needs to stamp it was not there, I will go on Monday

Me: Did you get my visa/passport?
Him: I went, but they wanted money, so I’ll go back at 2pm
Me: (in my head) of course they want money for a visa!
-later that day-
Me: did you get my visa/passport?
Him: I will go tomorrow morning

Tuesday afternoon, Visa is in hand with the date stamped THAT day and good for over a year (They ‘only’ give 3 month or 6 month visas)

TIA:  This is Africa

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