Saturday, November 14, 2015

A watermelon

A watermelon, pineapple, some oranges, and a small bag of clothes made up my luggage for the 2 hour flight on the small plane packed with our friends and neighbors solar cooking panel, a small table and a few bags of carrots back to Bere.

Preparing to go back to Bere I fiercely typed a bunch of emails. Looked things up on the internet and made sure to get to the market and buy some fruit… they had watermelon and pineapple!  We don’t get that in Bere, so my items of transport back were my small bag of clothes, and a watermelon. 

Landing on the small dirt runway Gary pulled into the hanger like most do pulling into the garage.  A few dozen mostly barefoot kids from the village came out to see the plane leave and stare at the white people with all their bags of stuff… “back to the land of awkwardness” I said to Athens.  Even if I were to wear what they wear I would stick out a mile away.

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