Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bush flight to Bere

Highest under 5 mortality/morbitity rate in the world, 1 in 6 kids die, 1 1,000 km 1 paved road in the country.  I am in Tchad!

I arrived in Bere today… finally, after 2 years of thinking about going back! It finally happened!
My N’djamena adopter James took me to the airport.  It was so nice to be taken care of!
I was so lucky to snag a flight with Gary, Wendy and Cherish… it was so great to see them!  For whatever reason flight felt really long, I got so tired I fell asleep
We stopped in a village to pick up a cat.  It was for Gary and Wendy so they had a cat to catch mice, but also for Cherish, she’s 6.
I think the whole village came out when the plane landed… we were surrounded by local kids talking loud and in a language I’ve never heard. Dusty, hot, and loud, we talked with a women who lives in the village, she handed over a cat in a basket and we were off to Bere.  Landing on the dirt strip I was able to walk over to my new house and meet my new roommate Athens… the house is complete with running water, a solar panel that gives some electricity, a stove and oven, my own room with a bed, and a toilet seat!

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