Sunday, February 26, 2012

I have an idea!!!

Lets have the locals take pictures... I have 20 dispoable film cameras donated by Shutterbug, an awesome family run photo shop in Oregon.  Osprey thinks it's a great idea and is helping support this endeavor.
There seems to be a line between exploiting and story telling, how do you give incentive without just giving away.  How do you empower with being condescending.  There are a lot of quesitons and concerns I have with this idea.  
So here I am in Nicaragua, trying to figure tap into a community.
Katie from Manna, a non-profit here in Nicaragua is here and willing to help connect me with people in the community.  I'm going to go for it, head out with the volunteers and meet the communities and then see if people want to tell their photo story.... why not?!

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