Thursday, February 9, 2012

Like a Lemming...

I always think of Lemmings when I travel. Following the person in front of you amlessly, not sure where I am going, or if it is the right way, then BOOM, I'm there, well, somewhere.

Airports are a launching ground to so many stories. Watching all the people funnel through security, looking around... some prepare before they get to the table, well as much as you can, then it's the hurry up and wait.... it feels like being at the starting block waiting for the gun to go off. Then it's your turn, I want my shoes to come off last because but I want them to go on first, so the tub dance of getting your tubs lined up so I can get things on in order. But the guy behind you put his tub on before you even got your bag on. So the friendly smile and the patience you channel to find your zen state starts to feel challenging when a TSA employee barks orders at you when you are already doing your very best. What will this system become, will it change? Will they make a conveyor belt with built in tubs, oh that sounds heavenly...
Lets talk about people... You can sometimes guess the destination of a flight based on the dress of the people at the gate. It sounds a bit 'judgy' but it's pretty true. Natural looking, worn clothes, heavy clothes, nothing name brand, unless it's carharts.... Alaska!
Down or Rain Jacket, running shoes, chacos, natural colored pants, maybe a long skirt, Pack west. The Miami airport brought a different dressing beast to the table I am not familiar with. High heels, and I'm not talking about a little lift, I'm talking the 8 inch (not sure if that is accurate because I don't wear heals) but holy cow, these girls just look uncomfortable every step, I kind of want to walk beside them or next to them and keep my hands up to help protect them if they fall, or offer them a bandaid, or foot soak cause they look in pain, which makes them walk weird, which makes them look silly, which really just makes the whole concept of wearing heels a waste, well heels that tall anyway.
There was this one girl who had on a BRIGHT orange sweater and blue shoes with pink laces. Yes, her bag she was carrying were the exact same colors... coincidence? I think not!
A bright blue sweater, blue capri sweats, a the exact same color of Toms shoes.
These are all just observations, I mean, I had a 6 hour layover for crying out loud!

As I slept on the one lonely bench in the long walkway between terminals, I thought, 'home is where I lay my head'... so I tried to get as comfortable as I could and cuddled up with my bag and slept for a couple hours, when else to do you selep on a bench in a public place, seeems like it.

Flying over Cuba doesn't suck!

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friend of honey badger said...

I am able to totally relate to your colorful insights. You have such a way with words, my dear. Looking forward to our own travels together.