Monday, February 27, 2012

Ahhh, Mountain biking!

So... today was about day 8, on a mountain bike for me..... in my life!!!  So far I have biked outside of Durango Colorado, Moab Utah, Bend Oregon, and now, Nicaragua.  It's a bit how I started my climbing, The first place I ever went rock climbing was Yosemite's Toulome valley.  Go big or go home seems to be an understatement with some of the activities I have tried and the locations I get to be in!
Since I haven't really been on a bike except for some commuting to some of my clinical sights in Portland, Oregon (yes, another biking capital). I really haven't been on the bike much since I worked in Europe guiding for Trek Travel taking tourists to cycle and watch the Tour De France (yes, I know, another one for the books) two years ago.
I left Oregon where the temperatures were in the 30's-40's F, a typical grey winter  in January.  It's the 'cold' season in Nicaragua, still in the 80's F during the day, and well, it's night and I'm in a shirt and short skirt and comfortable, so whatever that equals in F.
A breeze sure was nice, but man alive was I glad that I remembered NOT to put sunscreen on my forehead just in case I sweat, which I did... a LOT.  Did I also mention I fell off my bike about 4 times.  Not at any speeds, but the kind of fall that you know it's coming and you can't get out of your pedals, the one that is in slow motion and you have time to look and say "oh those bushes don't look THAT bad, don't see any cactus"  or, "OH NO! I'm going into that pile of garbage, EWWWWW"  and you can laugh it off because it's such a silly thing to actually be on the ground on an UPHILL!  I didn't know that happened, but apparently, well, for me, it is not that uncommon when I'm on a mountain bike.
It was nice to get out of Managua and up on a hill, I instantly felt like I was in the jungle, or on an island.  Dirt paths, kids out, colorful houses, banana trees, and the shade from the Eculptus sure was awesome.  I was glad to be riding with Wilson, my friend Andrea's husband.  He was patient, which ever newbee wants (and needs).  
We climbed 1400 meters in about an hour, talk about a sweaty mess!  It was all worth it, stopping by the fruit stand on the way back to the house so I could endulge in Pineapple and other yummies after a dirt and filth removing shower.  An amazing BBQ dinner with good friends was definitely an added bonus!!

here is the link to the ride we did...

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