Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ecuador 8

July 15, 2008

The sun is setting, the moon is high and bright, another few days and it will be full. The air is filled with laughter and shouts of glory and the ocean is dabbled with 9 Long Acre Students, 2 Trip Leaders, 1 Ecaudorian guide, and 3 Galapagos surf instructors. I can’t help but smile! Lindsay laughs at me and when I ask her why she says “You just look so happy!”
Amy although a bit nervous as it’s her first time surfing, does like she always does, and ‘dives’ right in! Her ability doesn’t look any different then the majority of the others. We all laugh at our selves when we fall, cheer for ourselves and each other for catching a wave, and battle out through the breaks to try and try again! The 3 surf instructors are encouraging and keep a close eye on everyone as they go around and give pointers. Pablo, the main instructor gave a great briefing and a nice progression with explanations and gradual practice. But above all he stressed that surfing is about having fun! He also shared as he picked us up from the boat dock and walked us to lunch that surfing changed his life and he was excited for the possibility of our lives to be changed as well!
We all had fun and the student’s really seemed to enjoy themselves. When Chris and I said we were surfing the next morning and possibly in the afternoon as well, they were all excited. So when planning our day we decided on a morning surf session a long lunch, with a chance to get out of the sun, nap, journal, and an afternoon session.
We walked back in the dark along the beach with the moon lighting our way. Everyone in good spirits, the energy was positive and the hunger for dinner was brewing.
It’s amazing to think we woke up this morning on El Intrepedo (the boat that we called home for the past 3 nights. We walked around one of my favorite Islands I had visited last time I was here. The Frigit birds and the Blue footed Boobies were doing their mating dances, both speices were protecting their little chicks that had hatches. There is a worn path around the island and the birds surely know that tourists freauently stop their, yet none have moved to a more private location. None are scared because they have always been protected, never harmed by humans. The distance at which we can stand is un heard of. They continue to mate, lay eggs, and protect their young, all at arms length from dozens of humans, camera in hand! The land is spotted with sleeping sea lions and we all stop and pay attention to the babies that are waiting for their mother’s to return from fishing as they lay curled up resting.
Our morning began at 6am with our last walking tour, a quick breakfast while the boat sailed to our final destination. As the first dingy loaded and departed from the larger boat two Galapagos sharks circled the boat, excited and a little nervous we all enjoyed the sighting! We arrived at the dock and as we walked up the ramp spotted two benches, each with two Sea Lions sleeping. We boarded a bus that drove us about 10 minutes to the airport where we waited for a truck to pick us up. We took the truck about 15 minutes to the canal, where we took a little boat across the way from Baltra to Santa Cruz. Boarded another bus for about 45 minutes to the Harbor that we had originally gotten on El Intrepedo. Chris and I bought Apples, more water, and pulled out snacks before boarding our ‘ferry’ to Isabella. After choppy and wet 2 ½ hour boat ride where poor Amanda and Kiley felt pretty sea sick. We didn’t make it to lunch until almost 3pm, energy was low, but understanding that sometimes travel days are big days.
Finishing the day with surfing in the ocean was worth it all! Dinner and everyone was pooped!

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