Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ecuador 9

July 16, 2008

Lindsay and I got back on our morning routine of yoga, sit-ups and push-ups. Hunter says everyone day he will join us, but still hasn’t. I felt sore from the surf session the night before and was glad to be getting my body working. It’s been about 5 days since our last morning session and we both could feel the length of time between! The night before was cooler and cloudy and when we woke it seemed like we may be in for another of the say sort of day. A few sun Salutations and on the drive to the beach I asked out loud for just some sun. After 30 minutes the clouds all parted and it was nice after that. The blue water was outstanding and the sand became a lighter shade. ‘Eye candy’ for me!!! I finally got ‘outside’ the break and caught a wave and stood up! It was such an amazing feeling I was so excited!
The morning started out groggy. At breakfast folks were tired from the long day before. People talked about how they still felt like they were on the boat. I don’t think very many folks have gotten a great night sleep in a few nights so hopefully tonight will be another catch-up night. We all felt a little off and a little worked playing in the waves this morning.
Lunch, and a nap, then back to the waves. Zach was very persistant and stated catching waves and standing up. Pablo the main surf instructor recognized his efforts in front of the group at the end of the day. Jelly fish seemed to be present and several people got stung. Thinking it must be good luck, like when you get pooped on by a bird?! This must be a lucky group as Rachel got pooped on while on the boat.
The afternoon everyone seemed tired, some stuck it out while other trickled off to hang on the beach with periodic dips to stay cool. We ended the day with another big dinner. No food goes to waste with this group as everyone fights over other people’s
left-overs. The plates are large, rice, a meat, and veggies, always prefaced with a bowl of soup and usually a small dessert. It’s definitely a mixter of amusement and stress at the dinner table!
Pablo gave us our briefing for tomorrow, he started by asking us if we knew what the worst part of tomorrow would be. After a few guessed he finally said. That we will have to leave this place. He said that it is such a special place and that only a few people get to go their. That we are so lucky and it’s a shame we will have to leave! This makes me excited for tomorrow!

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