Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ecuador 7

July 12, 2008

Sitting at the airport waiting to board the plane that will take us to the Galapagos, we all can’t believe that we woke up in the Jungle yesterday morning.
Our time in the Jungle was an adventurous one. We went to sleep to the sound of a strong rain pounding on the roof of the hotel. The rain lasted through the night and into the morning. We took a one hour bus ride to the Napo river where we were to take 20 minute boat ride a little up stream and to the other side. Because of the rains the river was too high to cross and we lounged in hammocks and on the wooden dock that sat on the river. We got the OK to and we loaded up the very narrow boat. Wee took up two boats, with nervous stomachs and fearful not to move too suddenly for fear we would tip the boat. The skillful drivers took us up stream dodging branches and turbulent waters we landed across the stream the rain had stopped and the humid air rose from the lush jungle we were entering.
Clever, our local jungle guide and Shaman (medicine man) 27 years old and full of knowledge and life. We made sure our pants were tucked into our rubber boots and we started what we were told would be about a 2 hour walk to the Rio Blanco Community. He stopped and showed us all sorts of plants, their uses and
Two hours and 45 minutes later we arrived, hungry, wet, hot and excited. One last small river crossing in handmade canoes with handmade wooden paddles. Only two people in the smaller kayak and 3 or 4 in the others, even more narrow no movement, the thought of breathing even made it feel like we would tip!
Again the skill and confidence made our minds at ease and we arrived at the banks welcomed by Clever’s little sister, Mom, and Dad.


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