Thursday, January 12, 2012

22.01.2011, Kalabesh bowls and Market day...

This place is so beautiful and so hard at the same time.  Emanual, the child with the burns and the newborn twins are hard for me emotionally, both for who they are as individuals and for who they represent.  The yellow full moon rises in a warm star filled night.
ants in the night
Benzeki came this morning at 6:45 so I could get Kalabash bowls.  He already bought some for me, so kind.
I walked part of the street against the flow of 'traffic' taking photos, so many people going to the market, so many stories, lives.

the twins aren't eating as much as they should, I'm afraid for them, I don't know how much to go check on them
    I am so grateful for the company and giving here
it is SO loud right now, it's night, the only time I can find to write, around 8pm, there are beating drums, people singing, it seems quiet everywhere else in this hole place except 10 feet from my hut where there are about 15 drunk people.  This is about everynight.  They go late and the roosters start early in on waking me up
my flight is Thursday. I can't believe i'm leaving, part of me is ready, but my life here is so different than my life is in the US.  there are so many questions, thoughts.
    I'm tired, emotionally drained, which is showing in the amount that I am writing and the lack of depth.

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