Wednesday, January 4, 2012

20.01.2011 -Another baby-

"JES-I-CA, JES-I-CA" I hear my name being called.  My homestay sisters, and everyone in chad strain to say my name.  They are calling me to come eat.  It's 8am, I didn't sleep well, and can't believe how late it is.  Normally I've been out on a 30-50 minute run/walk, 'showered', eaten, and am at the hospital by now.  Oh well!  I have little appetite and am grateful that every morning they serve me plain rice because I think that's all I can stomach.  But of course, they mix things up and I am served some sort of salty red sauce, potatoes, carrots.  Any other morning and I'd be excited.  I head into the hospital with the usual crew and some new faces on my path on the way there.  I get asked "what is your name" several times, but in a way where it sounds like they are throwing each word as they say it and kinda yelling it.  My name is hard for them to say.  I get to the hospital and hang out with Olen a bit while he does some echos.  I don't know where the morning goes but it's 2 and I watch some of an amputation of most of a guys foot.  I check on the twins that were born yesterday and try to get the women to breast feed, it's hard because she doesn't seem interested.  the babies are MAYBE 5 pounds and they need to eat. 

    Emanual, the little boy with the burns is in a lot of pain and strikes a fever, I hate to see him like this, it's so unfair.  I do a hydroseal with Roland, Danae's father.  It was really amazing.  I've helped with a couple, but this one I made the cuts and did most of the suturing, I LOVED it!!!!  I helped Danae later with a tubual.  Tying the women's tubes who had the twins.  It has been great to be a part of so many aspects to her health this week.  I listened to the babies heart beats, helped with delivery and now this!  I tried to get the babies to eat and had her family member that has been around the whole time help.  The babies are sucking, but it takes a lot of work to get anything to come out of the women's breasts.  I'm worried about the babies so Danae and I get a syringe and go back to her place to make up some formula.  We take it over to them and sit on the floor mat with the family friend and the babies I took one and she took the other.  I got the little girl sucking on my little finger and Danae would squirt in a little milk, it was working!  They were eating!  Benzeki popped his head in and asked Danae to come look at a women, I got the mom's friend to hold the little boy and stick her finger in, while the little girl sucked on my little pinky of my right hand, I would use my left to take turns feeding each twin.  It was pretty awesome to say the least.  Danae had a women give birth a little early like this women and two days later the baby died (because they weren't eating)  We are trying to prevent that by force feeding them.  They think because there isn't much coming out of the women's breast and the babies aren't crying that they don't need food.  But the babies aren't crying because they don't have energy and the women's milk isn't coming in because her breasts aren't being stimulated, eventhough the colostrom that is coming in is SO good for the babies!
    Next thing I know a couple men are carrying a women in past us, Danae follows and says "you wanna deliver a baby?"  "OF COURSE!" I answer.  I make sure the twins are ok and go behind the half curtain to help.  It's the girls first and she's only 8 months pregnant.  Her hemaglobin count is apparently 2 and she's getting blood, but only one, they can't afford anymore.  Another baby!  This one eats right away and is a little bigger then the twins.

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