Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ecuador 1

The Eagles are in their nests! (in Ecuador)
Finally the students have all arrived… not without some unexpected delays, exhaustion, phone calls, dispair, with the frosting on the cake being 11pm at night and the entrance to the airport is CLOSED!!!! Yes, closed as they are painting. Driving around looking for another entrance we manage to arrive just in time to wait around and greet Lindsy and her bright orange Long Acre T-shirt.
I arrived in the Houston airport with enough time go to the gate that was posted as the 5 students from Seattle’s arrival gate, learn that I needed to go to the other end and run into an old friend’s father, go to the gate be told it was back across the airport where I just came from scoop them up, have lunch and wait. We were waiting outside the gate that Lindsay was suppose to arrive when my phone rang. “Jessica?” an unfamiliar voice said… “This is Lindsay” my reply was, “great! She arrived, just come on off the plane, we are waiting for you” “well” she said “I’m actually in Austin.” My heart went to my toes and my brain began turning. What the heck is she doing there?! Did this girl get on the wrong plane?
So we made it to Ecuador around 1am with our new friend and Ecuadorian guide waiting for us. Exhausted but excited we arrived at the hostel, sadly without Lidnsay as the storm separated her, but she sounded easy going and we all looked forward to meeting her soon.
A short nights sleep and we were up for our first breakfast. In the bus to meet our friendly driver Jose, and off to visit some lakes, Otavalo, and meet our homestay families. I was going to return with Damon and Jose to Quito so I could be there to meet Lindsay and stay the night with her in Quito.
Once again a LOOOONG day and a short night was ahead of me, but it was such a relief to meet Linsdsay (even though Damon and I couldn’t get into the entrance of the airport for 30 minutes because they closed it from painting the street!!!! (ahhhh, good to be back in South America, and typical maham!)

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