Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yoga and Tonsai

Traveling has it’s ups and downs
You feel so high from an experience, then it can just turn around so quickly.
I have been pretty lucky in having some great interactions, meeting AMAZING people and just finding goodness.
I spent a few days on Koh Tao, an island in the Gulf of Mexico, reading a book, and exploring the nooks and crannies on my little automatic moped off roading in my little sun dress, getting stuck, snorkeling with sharks, reefs, and simply relaxing.
I came to Koh Phangnan in hopes to do some detoxing at a center where you can fast and do colonics to clean your system. Symbolizing a ‘clean slate’ for me.
But on arrival felt the vibe to not be very welcoming. I m et a great girl from South Africa, Juli, and we decided to try this yoga school another friend had told me about on the North end of the island. As a travel it’s almost a golden rule that plans are ment to be broken. We had made this plan, bargained with the taxi driver and were loading our packs when my eye caught a flyer for the Half Moon party that was taking place in just a couple days, it was so close to the resort that Juli had been raving about since we met that we laughed and said, what the heck. Asking the taxi driver to drop us off we found a very nice bungalow, splurging after staying in a dorm room that was situated about a noisy restaurant.
We relaxed, ate great food, and three girls can really dance their hearts out when they want!!!! No boys allowed in the dance circle and we were so tough we walked almost 3km there and 3km back!!!
Getting to spend time with Stephanie who I had traveled with earlier in my trip and meeting her boyfriend was so fun. We took a tour around the island for their last day, snorkeling and relaxing. Then I finally headed up to see what this Agama Yoga school was all about.
I arrived, found a room, and went to my first class. It was such a challenge for me, it’s a kind of yoga that you hold the asana’s (poses) for a long time, average about 5 min!
You keep your eyes closed the whole time, I was so antcy that I kept opening my eyes, not realizing it, and the teaching trying to get my attention quietly to close them.
I decided I was going to do one or 2 more days, then I was going to leave.
The classes are 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening with a lecture in the night! It’s pretty intense, but a lot of good info and learning. Over the next couple days I found a group of friends that we spent all spare time together and then, at my ‘last’ class I had an amazing mediation session. We all hung out that night again, and the next day met for breakfast and spent the day together. How could I leave?!
I ended up sharing a bungalow at a nicer place with an amazing pool for the week and did yoga until my heart was content. Feeling so eladed after every session and surrounded my amazing energy. I met people with great insights, by knowing me only 2 days one of the yoga teachers guessed my astrological sign. I participated in a group meditation that blew me away! I am finding ways to tap into energies I have always had but didn’t know how to channel them. (I know to some of you this sounds crazy)
I had to renew my visa and told myself that it must be a sign, that I should go do this and leave. I went to Myan Mar (Burma) for about an hour, came back to Thailand and spent the night in a dumpy guest house in Ranong.
I found my way to Ton Sai, near the town of Krabi where I was going to climb…. (hopefully)
After a 7 hour bus ride that was like being on a city bus because it stopped every chance it got (no more then 10 min) I got to Krabi, jumped in a taxi that again stopped every chance, saying hello to all his friends on our way to Ao Nang.
The ride was SO amazing, driving through the green lush country side you could see cliffs of limestone covered with foliage.
Once in Ao Nang I got into a boat taxi, eventhough Ton Sai isn’t a island there are no roads that go there.
A 10 minute ride and there I was (this is where the beach was filmed, and one of the James Bond movies)
Limestone cliffs created the back drop with green jungle mountains and a little beach with a blocks worth of bamboo made restaurants, bars, and bungalows.

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