Friday, January 13, 2012

27.01.2011, flight home

Do you speak English?  "Yes, of course, everyone does".  I'm in the Ethiopia airport now, waiting for my flight to the US.  This airport is HUGE compared to Chad's largest.  There are so many more white people and people speaking English feels to refreshing.
I get so conflicted with what is morally right to do. I hate getting taken advantage of and the guy at the Chad airport was definetly on the track.  He wanted $10 from each of us (there were three)  to get our passports stamped for us.  NO WAY!  I can do it myself.  HE followed me for about 30 minutes sigying and saying I needed to pay.  I was so frustrated.
Saying goodbye to my new Chadian Muslim, Italian, and Saudi Arabia friends. 
It was dry and dusty.  We flew over sand for EVER.

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