Monday, January 2, 2012

18.01.2011 - random thoughts from the day....

Child with H-Flu. Baby with candidis (thrush), women with ingorged breasts and a two month old baby that didn't look to be even a new born. Prostate surgery that needed reoperated on because he got a blood clot. Lost a LOT of blood. Saw a women who's bladder was falling out. a 17 year old who is due in May and saw her ultra sound, baby waved to us. I stitched up the skin from a prostate removal. Saw a mastecomy, it's such a barbaric surgery, Injected some pentazomine for a burn patient. Discovered that a boy who we thought was just not speaking or responding since he got here has actually been like this his whole life. Naomi was at the hospital today helping a friend and stayed to translate for a bunch of women. The women I brought the ostomy bag for came in today, her husband was SO nice! Doug helped me with my matress back to my hut. I gave him a tour of the place, he tried my dinner which I've been having everynight. La Boul and sauce. We sat outside, the moon seems close to full and talked about religion and spiritualism. I was at the hospital from 8:30 - 7:15 pm today. What a day. my feet hurt a bit. There are children playing, some weird music, crickets, and the night is warm. how can I come back here, and for longer.
I feel guilty complaining about my living situation or eating when I think of those at the hospital with non or little. or the family i stay with who sleep on the ground, all piled between two huts while I have my own hut.
This is a brain spew of thoughts... it's really the only way I can unwind and talk about my day, getting to talk to Doug about it in English was such a rare thing.

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