Saturday, September 5, 2009

La Paz to Sorata (1st of many I'm sure)

August 29, 2009
Arriving to Sorata…. Finally!

I took a couple days of Spanish classes at the school Speak Easy, which is the same Spanish school that we (Dragons) hires instructors for the students while we are in Sorata. Jaun Carlos was my instructor, and I hope that while the students take classes, I will have time as well to sit in, or have some other instruction.
Wow, I have a lot to learn, but also feel like I have learned so much. It’s such an interesting process to learn another language. It really makes me realize the value of speaking multiple languages and that if/when I have kids that I want them to learn early in life while it’s easier and more natural for them.
Eva, my other co-instructor arrived yesterday. On the 5am flight, the same one that Tim and I were suppose to arrive on. It was nice to finally meet her and she has a vibrant personality and welcoming spirit.
The three of us (Eva, Tim and I) grabbed some lunch before we set out to Sorata and it was the most eventful lunch I think I have ever had! We ate at a nicer place and were sitting on the front patio. A man peaked around the corner to sit some pamphlets infront of Tim, I was looking closer, as he placed them very slowly, then placed another, it was strange, something made me turn around to look at where my bag was, “Oh my gosh… my bag is gone!” I got up and ran out to the sidewalk, there is was sitting on the ground, there was a man standing next to it pointing down the street saying “he went that way”. I picked up my bag, checked one pocket with that had one of my camera’s my new Bolivian cell -phone and my little change purse with about 100 bs. ($14). It was all there… actually everything was still zipped and buckled. Tim was out there looking around with me and there wasn’t really anything to see. We returned to our food, my heart was racing…. Gees!! I had heard for YEARS of people doing some distracting thing and someone else stealing something, but had never had it actually happen! I was so glad it wasn’t stolen. Whew! We told our server and then the owner came out and told us he had seen some Peruvians hanging around! Haha. When he left we laughed at this as the Peruvians say the same things about the Bolivians! Passing the buck to the neighboring country is not anything new.
We loaded our bags and went to the cemetery to catch the bus to Sorata. I had almost forgotten, or perhaps more likely pushed it out of my head what it was like sitting on the mini bus. The seats are really close together, as Bolivian’s aren’t usually very tall. My knees smashed up against the seat infront of me and the back of the seat only came up to my upper mid back. There were four benches all full with people, smelly people. We were the only travelers, or non-Bolivian’s. It’s amazing how much we stick out.

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