Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birthday´s Galore

September 24, 2009

Turning 30 year’s old is a journey in and of itself! But to do it in Bolivia adds a bit of spice that adds to the experience! When I returned from my run I was greeted by Tim and Eva (my two co-instructors) who had made me crepes with a yummy warm cinnamon apple topping, mangos, and we broke out the maple syrup that our Canadian Eva had brought down for ‘just the right occasion!’

It was DELICIOUS!!!! I love crepes, but only eat them on occasion as all the sugar makes me sleepy. It feels like eating dessert for breakfast! My Mom has made them for me on some birthdays, and so it felt so special! They had made me a pretty card and wrote nice things (and wished me a happy 21st and 23rd birthday)!! They did the most ‘amazing’ wrapping job (with a black plastic bag) and topped it with a small branch from one of our gorgeous purple bougainvillea trees. They got me a local hat! It kind of reminds me of a bonnet I couldn’t live without for one Easter Sunday when I was about 4 years old!

The students began to filter in, as they do in the morning form their various home stays around the valley. They all wished me happy birthday one by one, and Laticha came in a gave me a really pretty bracelet that she had made and wanted to put it on my wrist. Then Lauren gave me knitting needles as she remembered that I had said I wanted to do some knitting and re learn how to do.

I went to the hospital, as that was when I was told to go and observe. But instead I sat for about 30-45 minutes before I was told to return tomorrow. I sat in the plaza waiting for the Internet to open and people watched. It never did open so I bought some fresh lettuce and returned to the house. I took a short catnap and ate a yummy salad that Eva and I made, and then in the afternoon had a short Spanish class. I did some work in the yard with some of the students and my co’s… we are leveling out the land around the ‘pool’. Then going to lay some flagstone and cement some stairs and a bench, as well as build up the Bougainvillea tree to make more shade so we have a picnic/BBQ place! Our vision is to have a BBQ herb garden nearby so there are fresh herbs to cook with. We are also building a chicken coop and buying chickens so we can have fresh eggs during our time in Sorata and then at the end of the course have some BBQ chicken.

The students had weaving class and music class and the weaving teachers made me some pretty woven pieces, one had a bunch of symbols in it. The Spanish teachers pulled me aside and gave me a bag/purse they had purchased and wished me well and gave me hugs and Latin kisses on the cheek. I was filled with warmth time and time again with so many mini surprises!

-The next day was Cailyn’s birthdday, and then Thursday was Madeline’s. Thursday night we had planned on our first ‘family’ night. Then when the time came a couple students announced that it wasn’t actually family night, but it was a birthday celebration night! We went down to where our fire pit and sing are and a someone grassy field and played pin the tail on the llama! Then we had a relay race, then a three legged race, then a potato sack race!! We all laughed SO hard and EVERYONE wanted to play, it was amazing! They got pizza, sodas, Eva made yucca fries, and some of the students made guacamole. We ate and chatted. Then a couple of them had put together party favors with toilet paper (because you never leave home without it) some chocolates and some stickers. It was so thoughtful and made everyone happy! THEN they got out more bags and had gifts for all the birthday people!!! Me, Cailyn, Madeline, and Miles’ (his birthday is the next week) So 4 birthdays within a week and they found thoughtful gifts for everyone!!

We played the most hilarious game of musical chairs (with pillows on the floor) then we went into the other room where they sang happy birthday to all of us and we all four blew out a candle.

So impressed and amazed with all the planning and thoughtfulness! We have such an amazing group in so many ways. It was definitely an amazing way to spend my birthday and my evening. I couldn’t be more touched!

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